A place for games, friends, and getting better.

A place for games, friends, and getting better.

A place for games, friends, and getting better.A place for games, friends, and getting better.

The MinnMax Show - New Episodes Every Thursday

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The Deepest Dive - Community Game Club Discussions

The best, most thorough discussion about games on the internet. Supporters at any tier on Patreon can submit comments for us to read on air!

The Great GOTY Hunt - New Streams Every Tuesday

Every week, supporters on Patreon vote on what game we stream on Twitch and YouTube.

Our Weekly content Schedule

Monday - MinnFAQs

Every Monday at noon Central, Ben Hanson and the occasional guest streams a community Q&A for $20 Patreon supporters. The audio goes in the exclusive audio feed the next day.

Tuesday - The Great GOTY Hunt

Every Tuesday we get a group together to stream one of the biggest new games and determine whether the game is a potential game of the year contender. Our $10 supporters on Patreon choose the game every week via a poll.

Wednesday - The Deepest Dive

We choose a game (new or old) and talk about it in a series of in-depth game club discussions alongside the MinnMax community.

Thursday - The MinnMax Show

Our weekly gaming podcast covers the week's biggest conversations from the game industry, new impressions of what we're playing, and community feedback/questions. Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Fridays - MinnTrax

Every other Friday, Matt Helgeson hosts a dueling album review podcast about expanding your musical horizons called MinnTrax. Click here to subscribe!


We'll be posting bonus content on our YouTube channel and exclusive audio feed for $5 Patreon supporters periodically and will be adding more regular content in the future. Stay tuned!

Bonus Features

We also create a lot of other fun stuff, so check out our full YouTube channel by clicking here!

MinnMax Clips

If you don't have time for long videos, we also make clips from all of our shows on our YouTube channel.

What Is MinnMax?

Watch us explain what MinnMax is and why we could use your support to create a new home.